Quick Tour of Nmap

Photo by Kaur Kristjan on Unsplash

What can you do with the Nmap?

Let see what else we can do with the Nmap.

  1. It can discover the free ports on the target host.
  2. It can detect all the services running on the host along with the operating system and version.
  3. It can detect any loopholes or potential vulnerability in the Network system.

Prerequisites to learn Nmap

To start with Nmap basic knowledge of FTP bounces scanning, TCP connect scanning and TCP reverse ident scanning is a must.

Who should learn Nmap

All network administrators should learn this technique, so the job of network diagnosis can be quick and easy. Entry-level programmers or even a student aspiring to become a IT professional one day can learn this technology.

Thing to remember before using Nmap

When used properly, Nmap helps protect your network from invaders. But when used improperly, Nmap can (in rare cases) get you sued, fired, expelled, jailed, or banned by your ISP. Reduce your risk by reading legal guide before launching Nmap.

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